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POPCHOSE Best Beach Blankets for Sand

I never go to the beach without this brilliant $19 sandproof blanket

May 17th, 2022

Everyone out there deserves to have some fun this summer. That’s especially true after everything we’ve all been through over the past few years. Outdoor activities are awesome every summer, but especially during the pandemic. And if you’re headed to the beach this summer, you’re probably on the lookout for the best beach towels for …

Apple Watch SE

5 Apple Watch accessories under $20 that everyone needs

May 16th, 2022

If you don’t own an Apple Watch, now is the perfect time to get one. Not just because there are so many awesome Apple Watch accessories out there to help you make yours unique. It’s because there are some seriously great deals going on right now. Head over to Amazon and you can save $70 …

woman with shopping bags

Everyone loves free stuff, and these websites give it to you

May 15th, 2022

One of the common denominators among people everywhere is that we all love finding a good deal. Even more than that, though, we especially love getting free stuff. And, in a way, it doesn’t matter how. Whether by finding deals, secret giveaways, or websites that offer goodies for nothing, if it’s free you kind of …